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Review the information below about being a STRADA Agent. When you are ready to join, you can click the join now button below to complete the application, or contact us if you have additional questions.

The compensation plan

Our compensation is very clear and simple.  Review the complete plan  for individual agents below. Please note this is not a plan for agents that are on a team or wish to form a team.   






COMMISSION SPLIT:  80/20%*  with a $16,000 Broker Service Fee Cap


RISK MANAGEMENT FEE: $50 per transaction, AFTER the broker service fee cap has been met.


*New agents on a mentorship program will have a 70/30 split for the first 3 transactions. 



The reasons to join


The reasons to join

We know that there are tons of options out there.  Here are the reasons Strada agents have chosen to join and stay with us.  


KNOWLEDGE:  We know the real estate industry and we know our markets.  Amy, our broker, understands and expertly guides agents on matters of the market, contracts and forms, marketing, business growth, client management and more.  Our full staff is highly trained and ready to serve. 


COMMUNITY:  STRADA is a family.  We operate as a collaborative rather than competitive community. Our culture is one of joy, integrity, and innovation.  Our agents, staff, and partners all share and celebrate these values daily. 


TRAINING:  No one does training like we do training.  We have classes on everything from technology tutorials, to contracts and forms, to fresh marketing strategies that help you generate a steady stream of leads using social media.  There is no shortage of training inside the Strada Hub.  You can pick and choose from the live weekly offerings, join with the click of a button, and know that EVERYTHING is always recorded.  There is a huge library of recorded trainings that we add to weekly.  Whatever your level of expertise, we have training created with YOU in mind. 


MENTORSHIPS: If you are brand new to the industry, or have completed less than 3 transactions in your career, you will be assigned to our mentorship program.  The program guides you through the steps you need to take in your first 30 days to launch your business, and includes a one-to-one coach to work with you through your first 3 transactions (1 can be a lease).  


MARKETING & LEADS: All of our systems (phone, email, website, social media, and messenger bots) are designed to bring leads into the office.  Leads are distributed to agents using proprietary phone and email queue systems.  You never have to sit in the office doing "floor time."  You are in the virtual queues 24 hours a day!   In addition, we have training on how to use social media to generate a steady stream of leads.  Quit cold calling and door knocking.  We have fresh strategies that get you real results. 


TECHNOLOGY: Your monthly membership gives you access to a full suite of online tools to help you run your business and stay connected.  Inside your technology hub you will find a robust CRM, and tools for communication, presentations, project management, meetings, and so much more. 


BENEFITS: We give our agents access to benefits including health, dental and more that you can choose to purchase at affordable rates. 


DISCOUNT PROGRAM: Love to save money?  Then you will love our discount program!  Strada agents get access to a host of discounts – ranging from fast food and groceries to oil changes and theme park passes and so much more. 


COMMISSION ADVANCES: We have partnered with e-commission to bring you commission advance options at a discounted rate for those times when an advance is really needed to  bridge the gap between due dates and closing dates. 


The legal stuff

Before you join STRADA, we want to be sure that you know exactly what we expect from you and what you can expect from us.  Click the button below to review the Independent Contractor Agreement you will sign when you join STRADA Texas.  


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